Andrew Lines – Teacher-Guide, Educational Consultant and co-developer of The Rite Journey

Andrew is first and foremost father of two daughters and two sons. He also happens to be a Physical Education / Outdoor Education teacher who has been teaching for nearly 20 years. His passion for health, fitness and providing students with positive and successful experiences in PE led to the publishing of Sport Covered, his exploration of teaching 23 sports using a games based approach to strengthen student’s development of game sense and their motivation to learn.

Following this Andrew turned his passion to providing relevant learning experiences for students, especially in the social, emotional and spiritual realms. Andrew’s intention to provide this experience for his students is gleaned from his own quest for self development, his faith background, his desire to meet students where they’re at and his endeavour to meld both traditional and alternative education practices, along with a yearning to instil within his students a willingness to challenge society’s mainstream expectations.

More recently Andrew’s work has broadened beyond working with just students…in the last few years he has worked with over one hundred schools, hundreds of teachers, thousands of parents and tens of thousands of students.  He believes that to truly transform society it is essential that we educate, empower and en-courage adults to make a difference in young people’s lives and hence his work now encompasses both teacher and parent education, providing consultation in schools and continuing his initial love of working with young people in schools.

He is currently working on his second book with a working title of ‘Making a man of your boy’ – a practical guide for parents and mentors to assist their boys to become fine men.

Amrita Hobbs – Educational Consultant, Workshop Facilitator,Inspirational Speaker, Community Developer, Author, Publisher and and co-developer of The Rite Journey Girls’ Program.

Internationally acclaimed, Amrita travelled around the world three times, for five years, offering workshops in Europe, Canada, Russia, Estonia, Turkey and the UK. She returned to Australia in 2008.

In 1978 Amrita qualified as a Drama in Education teacher (B.Ed.(Hons)UK). She immediately immigrated to Australia. In 1986 she founded Harmony Holiday teenage residential camps. Inspired, she wrote her first book ‘It Could be Different’ (1991). She then offered ten day Rites of Passage camps to mark the transition young people experience.

For the last fifteen years Amrita has facilitated innovative workshops for mothers and daughters about reclaiming the feminine mysteries. She also works with adults. Amrita facilitates programs for schools on Teenage Relationships, Understanding Gender and, to counteract bullying and teasing, Creating Caring Classrooms. Her latest initiative is YOUthSpeak. Amrita’s latest book is GETTING REAL…about growing up! (2006) and ConnXions – feelings, qualities and values cards (2010).

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Jane Bennett – Counsellor, Social Researcher, Author, Educator and co-developer of The Rite Journey Girls’ Program

Jane originally trained as a social worker and clinical hypnotherapist and has worked extensively in the field of Natural Fertility Management. Through this work Jane become interested in facilitating the transformation of inherited views of embarrassment and shame around menstruation and the transformation of puberty into those that are positive and empowering. Since 2000 Jane has run workshops for mothers of daughters – A Blessing Not a Curse, for 10-11 year-old girls with their mothers – A Celebration Day for Girls, for fathers – Fathers Celebrating Daughters and for 14-15 year old girls – Cool on the Inside. These have been held at schools and for school communities in Victoria, New South Wales, the ACT and South Australia. Jane has also presented workshops for welfare, health and education professionals, including Celebrating Girls.

In 2002 ‘A Blessing Not a Curse – a mother-daughter guide to the transition from child to woman’ (Sally Milner Publishing), in 2004 ‘The Natural Fertility Management Conception and Contraception Kits’ (with Francesca Naish) and in 2008 ‘The Pill: Are you sure it’s for you?’ (Allen and Unwin, with Alexandra Pope) were published. Also in 2008 Jane was invited to collaborate with Andrew, Graham and Amrita to write The Rite Journey for girls. Jane was delighted to contribute to the profound work already pioneered by Andrew and Graham to develop a specially tailored Rite Journey for girls. This was completed in 2009, with teachers trained and ready to guide girls through The Rite Journey in 2010. Jane is the mother of a daughter and the step-mother of three sons, all wonderful young adults now. While she has worked primarily with girls and women Jane is also very interested in the different journey toward adulthood, as it is experienced by boys, as well as the very important role of fathers.

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Graham Gallasch – Teacher-Guide, Educational Consultant and co-developer of The Rite Journey

Graham Gallasch has played an integral part in the creation of The Rite Journey. Whilst he is less involved in a practical sense these days, he still plays an important role as a friend and mentor to Andrew and The Rite Journey Program.

Graham graduated in Physical Education and is currently a Key Learning Area Leader at Cornerstone College, Mount Barker, SA. His teaching career has spanned 25 years during which his passion for healthy living, outdoor adventure and developing positive relationships has been at the forefront of his educational philosophy. Over the last few years this passion has been focussed more acutely on the boys in his care, as their yearning to be guided on a path to adulthood has been increasingly evident. Graham believes that this transition should not be left to chance or to societal whims, but rather become a carefully mentored process involving boy, home and school. This transition from boy to man is as much a spiritual journey as a physical and emotional one. He also maintains a genuine enthusiasm for his own journey through this life.